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Cove heating panels


  • A ceramic circuit and porcelain outer surface conducts to the maximum temperature of 340F in 5-7 minutes!
  • Stock colors are white and beige, custom colors (brown & black) are available with a minimum order of 20 heaters
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Product Description

Features and Benefits:

    • Maintenance-free and no usable space taken up
    • Great solution for switching from electric baseboard and wall heaters
    • Work well in rooms with vaulted or high ceilings
    • Wall mounted with a minimum height of 6′ above the floor
    • Ceiling mounted application
    • Made in Ohio
    • 10 year warranty, pro rated after 5 years

Cove Heater Specifications:

NOTE: Specifications shown at 240 volt, also available at 120, 208, and 277 volts.

Size Watts Amps BTUs
33x7x6″ 585 2.4 2,000
46x7x6″ 825 3.4 2,815
46x10x8″ 1,000 4.2 3,413
48x15x10″ 1,500 6.3 5,120

Sizing guidelines for cove heaters: Yoga studios, please fill out our Yoga Quote Form

  • Design in a manner that the panels are placed in areas of high heat loss, (above windows, on exterior walls) and where you want the comfort to be.
  • Design the layout so it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the most balanced heat, especially if more than one cove heater panel may be used. (I.E. using (2) 33x7x6″ 585 watt vs. (1) 46x10x8″ 1000w ).

Average watts/square foot (w/sf) that we see for most applications, assuming a desired operating temperature of 70F/21C. 

  • Primary heating: 6-7 w/sf
  • Supplemental heating: 4 w/sf
  • NOTE:  For rooms with poorly or unknown values of insulation in the walls, floors, ceilings, high ceilings, or large windows, please consider improving these areas and/or adding more watts/sf than suggested.

Examples of watts/square foot by room type:

  • Bath areas: 7 w/sf
  • Living room, office, den, dining or corner bedroom: 5-6 w/sf
  • Middle bedrooms or kitchens: 5-6 w/sf
  • Garage or workshops 6-7 w/sf
  • Basement family rooms 6-7 w/sf

For each feature below, add 1 watt/square foot to the primary or supplemental heating application:

  • 3 or more exterior: walls (Add 1 w/sf)
  • Split level rooms: (Add 1 w/sf)
  • Skylights, sliding glass doors, or fireplaces: (Add 1 w/sf)

For 8′ ceilings and below:

If possible, install no higher than 8′ from the floor. The closer the cove heaters are to the living space, the better they will function.

For vaulted or cathedral ceilings higher than an average of 9 feet:

  • If possible, install no higher than 8′ from the floor. The closer the cove heaters are to the living space, the better they will function.

Recommended Energy Code Specifications and other considerations:

  • Assuming an operating temperature of 70F/21C
  • R value of walls R21, ceilings R38, floors R30, and glass R2
  • Air exchange of .25 per hour
  • NOTE: It is advisable check your local energy codes to maximize the energy efficiency of our heating products, which will perform best when the performance envelope of the room(s) is considered as well.
  • NOTE: Only one line voltage thermostat (manual or programmable) per room is required. For rooms requiring more than 4,000 watts, a low voltage thermostat, heat relay, and transformer will be required.


How our cove heaters work:

electric cove heaterLike the sun, radiant heat warms objects directly with long wave electromagnetic energy. CeramiCircuit™ infrared radiant heaters, used in REH products, diffuse heating energy rays in a 160 degree arc and distribute warmth evenly.

The room and all objects in it are gently saturated with infrared energy, just as if they were left in the sun on a warm day. Because heat seeks cold, all objects absorb, re-radiate, and reflect the heat in all directions, meaning that comfort comes from every direction.  Placing the heater on the exterior wall creates a barrier against the loss of body heat to the cold window under or above the heater.




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