How to switch to an infrared radiant heating system.

Infratech Outdoor Grilling Example
Infratech Outdoor Grilling Example

So you’ve decided you want to make the switch to an infrared radiant heating system but you’re not sure where to start. The good news is we offer a variety of heating systems and provide free consultation to tailor an infrared radiant heating system to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to install radiant heating panels in a new home, cove heaters in a yoga studio or Infratech heaters on your deck or patio, we can provide the solution that will bring sun-like-warmth to you and your surroundings while saving you money. Here are some steps to get you started.


  • Select Your Space – The first step in switching to an efficient infrared radiant heating system is selecting the space you want to heat. We give estimates on a room-by-room basis because every space is different. If the space already has a heating system we can help you design an infrared heating system to supplement it. If not, we can start from the ground up. To give you the most accurate suggestions, it’s best if we know some detailed parameters regarding your space. We ask for things like what type of insulation the room has, how high the ceilings are, and how many windows are in the room. Given this information we can recommend a system that’s perfect for your space.


  • Select Your Heaters – Once we have a good idea of what type of space you’re trying to heat. We will provide you with an estimate of what you need to adequately heat your space. We typically provide you with a few different options of heaters and controls. You can pick the one that best suits your personal taste and budget.


  • Install Your Heaters – The final step in the process is installing your heaters. We recommend hiring a licensed electrician to take care of the installation for you but some products make for easy DIY projects. Either way, we are happy to consult with you and your contractor every step of the way to ensure the installation process goes smoothly and your heaters are up and running in no time!


  • Enjoy Your Heaters and Save Money! – Now there’s nothing to do but bask in the sun-like-warmth of your new heaters and enjoy savings on your monthly heating bill.
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