Benefits of Infrared Heating for Home Yoga

Benefits of Using Infrared Radiant Heating

Save Money


  • Energy efficiency of infrared lowers heating bills
  • Zone controlled, or room by room heating eliminates wasted heat
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Affordable up-front costs for products

Increase Comfort


  • Provides sun-like warmth, warming people and objects
  • Heaters do not make noise
  • Heaters do not blow stuffy air or stir dust and allergens

Easy to Install


  • Products mount on ceiling or wall
  • Take up no usable space
  • Perfect for both new construction and retrofit projects
  • Requires no ducting or gas lines
  • Hardwired & plug-in options available



  • Because products heat people and objects instead of the air, they use less energy
  • Infrared products have shown to be 20-50% more efficient than conventional heating systems

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