Beautiful mountain home – Irwin, Id

We just received this wonderful testimonial and a series of photos from a satisfied customer in Idaho!

"Thank you for assisting me with planning and ordering the radiant heating system for our new home in the Idaho mountains. The radiant cove heaters mounted above our windows provide perfect comfort, even with outside temperatures of -17F. We have propane fireplaces as backup in our great room and in our bedroom, but they have only been used for ambiance, and are not needed for comfort. We really appreciate the quiet comfort of the radiant heat, without the noise or drafts associated with forced air. We also have an Infratech heater protecting our well water treatment area in the garage.
The low utility bills from the efficient panels is appreciated, averaging only $5/day for a 1800 sq ft house, even when the outside temperature doesn’t get above freezing for weeks at a time.
Thank you also for promptly arranging the replacement of the one malfunctioning unit that we encountered (out of the 18 units installed).
On an adjoining property, we have a 600 sq ft cabin with an inefficient forced-air system that costs roughly the same amount as our house, while only maintaining a protective 45F inside. We will be replacing that forced-air system with cove heat this coming summer."




Photo of a quartz heater in a Irwin, ID home

Cove heaters in a kitchen


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