Bellingham Golf and Country Club – Bellingham, WA

Heating outdoor spaces can be pretty tricky. Forced air systems will not work because the warm air will simply rise and float away. Propane-based outdoor heaters are one way to go but with high propane prices, it typically costs anywhere from $2 to $3 an hour to operate just one heater. On top of this, there is the inconvenience of constantly having to swap out propane tanks.

Thankfully, there is an alternative heating system for outdoor applications. Our Infratech quartz heaters offer a nice sun-like warmth and radiate heat, which heats people and objects instead of the air. They are also much cheaper to operate than propane solutions, costing just pennies an hour to operate. In this example, we see the Infratech quartz heaters we installed at Bellingham Golf and Country Club. The heaters are mounted overhead on their outdoor dining area, which overlooks the golf course. The staff at the club have reported that their patrons love the heaters!

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