High-end Home Upgraded to Infrared Radiant Heating

bathroom3.00_00_13_24.Still0010This winter Heating Green had the pleasure of upgrading a high-end home locally in Bellingham, Wash. Ducoterra infrared radiant 750-watt panels were installed to the second floor where the homeowners needed to fix a lack of heat.


Now the zone-controlled upstairs rooms can be filled with sun-like warmth when the owners need it. The once chilly guest rooms can be transformed into cozy and comfortable spaces and the workout room can be transformed to an infrared hot yoga room.

Here is what homeowner Galie had to say:

Could you describe a little about your experience shopping for heating?

My experience with Heating Green has been nothing but outstanding, very professional and helpful from my first inquiry to the consultation at our home, and then installation and follow up.

Why did you choose Heating Green’s infrared panels?

We choose them for our higher-end home as a green solution that met our heating needs for the upstairs of our home, one that seamlessly blended in with our decor, had options of painting them or not, and met our needs for heating both guest bedrooms, our yoga and exercise room and because it was a cost effective and environmentally healthy heating option.

What do you think of the heaters now that they’ve been installed?

We LOVE them!! I am enjoying the use of the heaters in our home yoga studio upstairs and have noticed the quality of heat and how it warms our moving bodies and the room, not just the ambient air temp with blowing dust around. We are also looking at them for our art studio which is a separate building. I highly recommend Heating Green and this product line for in-home or studio heat that is green, design friendly and a cost effective solution. We give you a 5 star review! Good work Heating Green!

Watch the video below and hear Heating Green Owner Jeff Caldwell talk about the project.

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