Downtown Yoga – Sheridan, WY

Big thank you to Laura, owner of Laura’s YogaFit, formerly known as Downtown Yoga,  in Sheridan, Wyoming for the photos of the heaters and the wonderful testimonial. It’s great to know the heaters are working well for your studio!

Although this is a commercial space, the heaters and thermostats here are a great example of a setup that would work well for a home hot yoga studio. Our Infratech heaters get up to temperature quickly and the particular model used here can be plugged directly into a wall or, in this case, our Wall Mounted Plug-In Thermostat. The thermostat has a cord, which plugs directly into any standard 120 volt wall outlet. The Infratech heaters then plug into the thermostat, which goes up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This simple plug-and-play system is easy to use, does not require anything to be hardwired and will have your studio up and running in no time.

Here’s what Laura had to say about it.

"The biggest thing that I have noticed about this heat is that it locks itself into the room. My other space we had to rush in and out of the room to keep the warmth in. With these heaters we can leave the door open and it is almost walled off into the room."

Laura Koltiska - Owner at Downtown Yoga   

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