Hot Yoga Studio Heating

Our customer in Iowa upgraded from using cheap, plug-in space heaters to infrared quartz heaters which made a HUGE difference.  Here is what the owner had to say:

They are awesome – it’s such a different heat – people really love them – it gets super hot – just what we want!


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  1. My wife, daughter and I have run Yahweh Yoga for a number of years in Phoenix AZ and are considering replacing or adding to our current heating system to accommodate hot yoga classes. Our room is small (865 SqFt) has no windows, drop ceilings and is adjoined on both sides by other businesses in this strip mall. Some of these posts are pretty old so I have to ask if there have been advancements in radiant heaters in the past few years? We are considering both radiant heat or forced air and also a humidifier built in to deliver some moisture which we hear is vital. Are there other things we need to know? Can you send me some info or point me in the right direction? Thank you ever so much! Mike

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for contacting us. We’d be happy to send over some updated info and answers to your questions. In the meantime feel free to fill out our yoga studio quote form. This will give us the info we need to determine which heating solution would work best for your space. Also, if you haven’t already check out our yoga studio map. As you can see there is a studio in Queen Creek that is using one of our heater systems for their studio, which you could go see in person if you’d like.

  2. Hi! I am building a hot yoga studio in Nevada. I am SO confused whether I should use a furnace or infrared radiant heat!! Please help!
    I’m concerned about the increase in my monthly bill. I’m afraid the radiant heat will not provide sufficient heat to the room. My room is about 1200 sq ft. I am looking at two 10 ft tubes…!

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