Keenan’s at the Pier – Bellingham, WA

In spring of 2014 we set up Keenan’s at the Pier, the restaurant at Bellingham’s iconic Chrysalis Inn, with a series of our Infratech Quartz Heaters. Keenan’s outdoor dining area is on the Bellingham waterfront, which is known for having a pretty consistent chilly breeze. The Infratech heaters help mitigate this breeze because they they warm people and objects directly, as opposed to warming the air.

Each table on Keenan’s patio has a heater overhead and guests can now relax and enjoy the stunning views of Bellingham Bay while dining in a pleasantly warm environment. Chris George, facilities manager at The Chrysalis Inn, said the customers at the restaurant have given very positive feedback on the heaters. Chris Simpson, director of sales and marketing, said the guests at Keenan’s love the heat!

2 thoughts on “Keenan’s at the Pier – Bellingham, WA”

  1. I am interested in installing a quarts Infratech heater on my veranda similar to what is installed at Keenan’s. I live in Bellingham.

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