The Yoga Factory – Dallas, TX

The Yoga Factory in Dallas, TX is using our Marley Go-Anywhere infrared radiant heating panels for their hot yoga studio. Here’s what owner Stacy Shepherd had to say about our panels and how they compare to forced-air heating systems.

“Our studio just opened last June in Texas. It has been hot enough all summer that we really did not have to use the heat – just kept it cooled down to 90 or 95. When the weather finally started cooling off, it was delicious to finally turn on our panels and feel the radiant heat warming us up like a warm bath! I had the experience of being in a class just after I got our panels working, I attended a class with central heat. Warm air blowing on us as we practiced. The experience was completely different! I even felt tired and even nauseated by the sensation…I could not wait to get back to our gently warming, silent, radiant heat!”

Stacy Shepherd - The Yoga Factory   

Thank you Stacy, We’re glad you’re enjoying the benefit of sun-like warmth from the heaters and your studio looks awesome!

The Yoga Factory Dallas with heating panels

The Yoga Factory Dallas with heating panels installed

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