Heat Calculator

Indoor Heat Calculator for Home and Office

Please note, this form below is only for a typical room in a home or office and is based on what we specify for the majority of our customers needs.

      • Geographical area, room type, seasonal weather, expectations, etc. all play a factor in how a heater performs.
      • If you are unsure of your insulation, have single-pane windows, or desire a quicker warm-up time, please increase your room or ceiling height to choose the next heater size or higher (i.e. 1000 or 750 watts vs 600 watts).
      • In addition please verify your voltage, i.e. 120 or 240 before you place your order.
      • For more information about Heating Green’s warranty and shipping policies click here.

Click on the icons below for any other respective areas (commercial yoga, home yoga, or a deck/patio area) you would like to heat.


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