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Infrared Heaters for Sun-like Warmth:

Heating Panel

Starting at $360


  • Great for studios with high, vaulted ceilings
  • Mounts directly to wall or ceilin
  • Made in U.S.A – 10-year warranty
  • *Estimated cost start at $11/sq. ft. including controls/shipping

Heating Panel

Starting at $220Sola_Yoga

  • Mounts flat against ceiling or can be suspended
  • Great for studios with drywall or wood ceilings
  • Made in U.S.A – 20-year warranty
  • *Estimated cost starts at $10/sq. ft. including controls/shipping

Benefits of Using Infrared Heaters:

Buy Now in 3 Steps:

These steps below will help you select plug-in heaters right now.

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Step 1: Select your room

    • Comfort – If possible, practice in a room that is well-insulated on all sides, has no drafts, an 8′-10′ ceiling and few windows. You will have a much easier time heating this than if you have a drafty room with lots of leaky windows and poor insulation.
    • Space –  Select a room with ample space for you and your yoga mat so you can comfortably get into poses, especially if you are planning on having more than one person. That being said, the smaller your room is, the easier it will be to get up to temperature.
    • Flooring – Professional yoga instructors suggest using a room with hardwood, laminate, or matting (i.e. Zebra Mats) for your floor material. Hardwood flexes and has more give than concrete, (which is cool and hard), making it easier on the knees and more comfortable for yoga. Thin carpet works well but professionals warn that thicker carpet can be unstable and make it difficult for one to keep balanced.
    • Lighting – Once you have dialed in the comfort, space, and flooring, the correct lighting (low, mid, and upper level) can help you create the ambiance that compliments your room and is conducive to a relaxed, yet enjoyable atmosphere.

Step 2: Select your heater

  • The number of heaters you need is determined by the size of your room and how well insulated the room is.
  • Generally speaking, if you’re looking to attain temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more you will want a minimum of 15 watts and up to 30 watts of energy for every square foot of space. For example if you have a 10′ x 10′ room, you  have 100 square feet and will need a minimum of 1,500 total watts and up to 3,000 watts worth of heaters to heat the space.
  • The more heat you add, the quicker your space will get up to temperature.
  • For spaces larger than 200 square feet we recommend hardwired heaters. To learn more visit our commercial yoga studio page.

Coverage area

Plug-In Heaters

Insta-Heat Portable Plug-In 

Crown Verity Outdoor Deck Patio Yoga Heater

This heater is an excellent choice for a personal hot yoga studio due to its versatility and ease of use. It comes with a stand and can easily be moved from room to room or even outside to your deck or patio. NOTE: This heater does produce a bright glow. Its halogen element is rated for 7,000 hours of use.

Price Range: $295 (w/ remote)-$395 (w/ remote and stand) (USD) (Note: All orders include the remote control)
Watts: 1,500

Voltage: 120v
Mounting options: This heater can be mounted on a stand, allowing for the user to easily move it from room to room. It can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling.
Color Options: Aluminum 

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Cove Plug-In  


Our cove heaters can be mounted to a wall, making them an ideal solution for rooms with high ceilings.
Price Range: $335-$635 (USD)
Watts: 585, 825, 1,000, 1500

Voltage: 120 (NOTE: You will also need to provide a three-prong cord for this heater, which is available at your local hardware stores.)
Mounting options: Can be mounted to the wall at or above a height of 6 feet. It can also be mounted to the ceiling.
Color Options: White & Beige

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Prestyl Plug-In 

Prestyl Plug In Heating Panel Yoga

These panels can mount to a wall or ceiling via included brackets. They have a slim profile and don’t take up useable space.
Price Range: $323-$595 (USD)

Watts: 400, 750, 1,100

Voltage: 120  (NOTE: Only the 120v models will plug in to the wall.)
Mounting options: Can be mounted to the wall or ceiling.
Color Options: White & Black (Stock & Custom Art Also Available)

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Step 3: Select your control

Programmable Plug-In Thermostat

Heating Green Portable-Plug-In Thermostat

Our programmable plug-in thermostat is a flexible option for our plug-in heaters because it does not require permanent installation. Just plug and play!
Price: $60
Temperature Range: 45 – 90 Degrees Fahrenheit (7.2 – 32.2 degrees Celsius)
Mounting options: Plugs directly into a wall outlet
Color Options: White
Voltage: 120v plug-in only

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Wall Mounted Plug-In Thermostat


This weatherproof line voltage thermostat is a great choice for hot yoga studios because it lets you obtain temperatures up to 100° F (43.3° C). It features plug-and-play operation and will work with any of our 120v plug-in heaters. It can be mounted at any height or location in a room, provided the cord reaches an outlet.
Price: $69.99-$84.99
Temperature Range: 30 – 110 Degrees Fahrenheit (-1.1 – 43.3 degrees Celsius)
Mounting options: Plugs directly into a wall outlet, mounts on wall.
Color Options: Gray
Voltage: 120v plug-in only

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What Yoga Studio Owners Had To Say

“The panels from Heating Green have worked out great for our Buddhist mediation center. They are silent and an even heat is delivered. The panels are unobtrusive on the ceiling and most people don’t even notice them, they are simply entering a comfortable room.”

Nomon Tim Burnett   

"They produce nice uniform heat, clients like the look and feel of the infrared radiation. Jeff was very helpful and did an excellent job with getting us what we needed. Thank you!"

Taggart - Owner at Rejuv Medical