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Features & Benefits

Unobtrusive Heat

Due to its wide variety of voltages and its ability to mount to a t-bar ceiling, the Marley Go-Anywhere Panel is our most popular choice among yoga studio owners.
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Go-Anywhere Panel Specifications

NOTE: Specifications at 240-volt, also available at 120, 240, 208, 277, or 347 volts

Size Watts Amps BTUs
2’x2′ 250 1.0 853
2’x2′ 310 1.3 1058
2’x2′ 375 1.6 1280
2’x4′ 500 2.1 1280
2’x4′ 625 2.6 2133
2’x4′ 750 3.1 2133

  • Price Range: $215-$325 (USD) Per Heater
  • Mounting Options: Can be mounted to a t-bar ceiling, suspended with wire or chain, or surface or flush mounted with a frame
  • Color Options: Birch White, can be painted with water-based interior paint. Additional colors available upon request


Go-Anywhere panel




thermostats / relay / transformer / sensor

  • Ideal for yoga studios
  • Smart phone accessible
  • Scheduling – 32 options
  • Up to 48 programs

Yoga Thermostat

  • Programmable, allows you to heat the studio only when you need to
  • A favorite among yoga studio owners
  • Maximum 120F set point
  • Additional sensor available to keep thermostat out of sight

Yoga Relay

    • Works with our Yoga Thermostat
    • You will need one relay for every 20 amp circuit you use for our heating products

Yoga Transformer

  • Works with our yoga thermostat
  • You will need one transformer for every thermostat you use to control our heaters


    • Works with our yoga thermostat

How much heat?

How much heat do I need?

You’ll need 15 to 30 watts per square foot for most applications.