Go-Anywhere Yoga Heater

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Unobtrusive Heat

Due to its wide variety of voltages and its ability to mount to a t-bar ceiling, the Marley Go-Anywhere Panel is our most popular choice among yoga studio owners.

    • Price Range: $215-$325 (USD) Per Heater
    • Sizes: 2’x2′ (250, 310, and 375w) 2’x4′ (500, 625, and 750w)
    • Voltages: 120, 208, 240 or 277
    • Mounting Options: Can be mounted to a t-bar ceiling, suspended with wire or chain, or surface or flush mounted with a frame
    • Voltage: 120, 208, 240 or 277
    • Color Options: Birch White, can be painted with water-based interior paint. Additional colors available upon request
    • Warranty: 5-year factory warranty
    • C UL US (Approved for US and Canada)


Go-Anywhere panel


Yoga Studios with the Go-Anywhere Heater

Seamless Integration

Part of what makes these panels so popular for hot yoga studios is how they seamlessly integrate into any room. The panels mount up on the ceiling, take up no usable space, make no noise and provide sun-like-warmth to the students in the room. There is no harsh air blowing on students’ faces. No one will notice the heaters themselves but everyone will notice the amazing heat they produce.


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Smart Controls

With the addition of our programmable yoga thermostat, you can control the temperature of your studio without having to lift a finger. Simply program the heaters to come on when you have a class scheduled and turn off when the studio is not in use. This will reduce your studio’s overall energy consumption and save you money! It’s also one of the only thermostats on the market designed to reach the high temperatures desired by hot yoga studios.

    • Programmable, allows you to heat the studio only when you need to
    • A favorite among yoga studio owners
    • 30-120F temp range
    • Works great with all our heaters
    • You will need one relay for every 20 amp circuit you use for our heating products
    • You will need one transformer for every thermostat you use to control our heaters