Plug-In Heaters

All of our plug-in heaters simply plug into a standard 120v outlet. No hardwiring needed. For optimal control add a plug-in thermostat, which will allow you to regulate temperature.

Plug In Heaters

  • 170 watt under desk heater

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Personal Under Desk Heater

This free-standing portable heater is an affordable way to add personalized heat to any space. They work great in drafty offices.

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    Hypoallergenic Portable Heater

    $978.00 $899.00
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NEW! Portable Heater

Stainless steel construction provides a non-allergenic alternative for chemically sensitive individuals. The heater also turns itself off when it tips over should it be knocked over.

Plug In Thermostats

  • Plug-In Thermostat

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Plug In Thermostat

  • 45-90 Degree F. temperature range
  • Good choice for plug-in heaters
  • Fully programmable
  • Plug-In Timer

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Plug In Timer

This timer pairs great with our plug-in heaters and lets you easily control when your heater is on and off. It’s a great, easy way to save energy.

  • Wall Mounted Plug-In Thermostat

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Wall Mounted

  • 32-110 Degree F. temperature range
  • Good choice for plug-in heaters
  • Great for home yoga studios