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Plug-in Artistic heating panels

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  • Adds style and flare to your home and office.
  • Looks just like a photo or painting.
  • Easy to install.
  • Max surface temperature: 200° F
  • Solid colors start at $375

How to order custom art:

  • Ensure your art matches our requirements.
  • Upload your art via the form on the right.
  • Select your panels below.

How to order stock art:

  • Select your art from this page.
  • Indicate your art preference via the form on the right.
  • Select your panels below.

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artistic panel heaters

Artistic Panel Heaters

Evoke style and personal flair while providing economic and cozy radiant heat to your home or commercial space. Artistic panel heaters easily mount to walls and can be enhanced with standard prints or colors, or customized with your favorite photo or artwork. View Slideshow Stock images (2′ and 4′) Price sheet (Prestyl Plug-In Panels)


Affordable. Healthy. Energy efficient. Stylish. Words that home and business owners can easily live by with artistic heating panels by Prestyl. Far-infrared technology heats objects such as, floors, walls and furniture, but not the air. Because it does not heat the air, people and animals experience soothing warmth. Typical energy savings over traditional heating methods range from 15 to 50% (depending on placement and building conditions). Plus, our artistic heating products are maintenance free for life! And, unlike other heating products, Prestyl panels make a style statement – you can select options from our large collection of art and photo options, or customize them with your favorite photos or artwork. People will be shocked to find that your gorgeous works of art are actually heaters. Features:

  • Customizable art
  • Pays for itself in energy savings and requires no maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fully operational within minutes
  • Aluminum surface and frame
  • Saves space; heaters are mounted on the wall or ceiling
  • Help to maintain dry walls, removal of mold, and constant air humidity
  • Décor-based printing ink
  • Come with an extended warranty for maximum security
  • Made in the USA (Washington State) with recycled materials and are 99% recyclable at the end of their long lifecycle
  • Standard voltage is 120 and 240. 208v and 277v (2-8 week order time) 230v (export)

How it Works

how infrared warms areas Prestyl thin-film far-infrared panels add sun-like warmth to indoor spaces by transferring heat to cooler objects, like floors and furniture, rather than heating the air. Using long wave far infrared (FIR) energy, these panels provide safe, clean, low-cost energy that’s friendly to people and to the environment. A thermostat can be used to control the heat in each area, and the panels reach their operating temperature within five minutes. By comparison, systems like forced air, baseboard, and wall heaters only heat the air. Because warm air rises in the presence of cooler air, the heat can be easily sucked away by drafts or wind, and must be replaced frequently by more heated air in order to sustain warmth. This all amounts to wasted energy and higher heating bills.

Inside the artistic panels

green heaters

wall art heaters - green heating

1 review for Plug-in Artistic heating panels

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    They worked great! People think that the heater is just a piece of art and then start asking questions like, “where’s the heat coming from” or “it feels warm in here.” 🙂

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