170 watt under desk heater


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Marley 202SL 170-Watt Under Desk Heater

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Personalized heating at an affordable price and won’t trip the circuit breaker! This 170 watt, slim, off-white panel is designed to fit out of the way standing on its own or mounted under a desk.

It is an ideal, economical, and safe way to provide warmth for cold secretaries, bank tellers, or cashiers, and pets too!

Features and Benefits:

  • 170 watts, only 1-2 cents per hour to operate
  • Intended for small spaces (desk, alcove, workbench, etc.)
  • Non-glowing heater
  • Reaches full operating temperature within five minutes
  • Warms up to 160° F
  • Safe operation – no burnt dust smell
  • Allergen free heating
  • On/off switch with tip over automatic shut off
  • Can be painted with high temperature acrylic paint
  • Easily fits under most desks for maximum efficiency and hidden warmth
  • Pays for itself within the first year
  • 1 year warranty



Infrared Photos – Under Desk Panel Heaters

infrared under desk panel heater infrared panel under desk heater in action


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Office workstations

Home office desks

Craft Table

Large spaces that need individualized task heating

Volts / WattsBTU’s
Marley 202SL15″ X 22″ X 1″120 / 170580

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