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Plug-In Cove heating panels


  • Excellent for offices, basements, bedrooms, or any chilly indoor space
  • DIY, no electrician needed
  • Heater reaches its maximum temperature of 340F
  • Plugs into any standard wall outlet so no hardwiring required
  • NOTE: You will need to provide a standard 3-prong cord which are available at most hardware stores
  • How does this compare to other heating panels?

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Features and Benefits:

  • Pays for itself in energy savings and requires no maintenance 
  • Takes up no useable space
  • Great solution for switching from electric baseboard and wall heaters
  • Work well in rooms with vaulted or high ceilings
  • Wall mounted with a minimum height of 6′ above the floor
  • Ceiling mounted application
  • Made in Ohio
  • 10 year warranty, pro rated after 5 years 


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Heaters mount on the wall, taking up no useable space. Great for rooms with high ceilings.


Heaters plug directly into a standard outlet. No hardwiring needed.


For optimal control, heaters can be used with our plug-in thermostats.

Note on insulation:

It’s important to note that any heating system will preform best when used in a properly insulated space. To learn more about how to insulate and calculate how much you could save by upgrading your insulation click the button below.


Cove Heater Specifications:

NOTE: Specifications shown at 120 volt, also available at 240, 208, and 277 volts for hardwired configurations.


Heat Calculator

  • Please fill out the following form to get a general idea of what you need to heat your space.
  • If you are unsure of your insulation, have single-pane windows, or desire a quicker warm-up time, please increase your room or ceiling height to choose the next heater size or higher (i.e. 1000 or 750 watts vs 600 watts).
  • If you’re interested heating a YOGA STUDIO, please use the form on our yoga page.
  • If you’re interested in heating a DECK or Patio, please use the form on our outdoor page.

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How our cove heaters work:

electric cove heaterLike the sun, radiant heat warms objects directly with long wave electromagnetic energy. CeramiCircuit™ infrared radiant heaters, used in REH products, diffuse heating energy rays in a 160 degree arc and distribute warmth evenly. The room and all objects in it are gently saturated with infrared energy, just as if they were left in the sun on a warm day. Because heat seeks cold, all objects absorb, re-radiate, and reflect the heat in all directions, meaning that comfort comes from every direction.  Placing the heater on the exterior wall creates a barrier against the loss of body heat to the cold window under or above the heater.

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33"x7" x 1.125"/ 585 watts / $360, 46" x7 x 1.125" / 825 watts / $395, 46" x 10" x 1.125" / 1000 watts / $425, 46" x 15" x 1.125" / 1500 watts / $635




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