Programmable Yoga Thermostat




A great choice for yoga studios due to its ability to reach high temperatures! It features a large, easy-to-see display, making adjusting settings a breeze. The programmable functionality allows you to heat the room only when you need to, saving you money on your utility bill.

  • 32-122 Degrees Fahrenheit temperature range (0-50 Degrees Celcius)
  • Programmable up to two heat and two cool programs per day
  • Can be used in a manual mode as well
  • Back-Lit Digital Display
  • Push Button Controls
  • 5-year warranty


For your thermostat to work correctly with your panels you will need a combination of transformers and relays.

  • You will need:
    • One transformer for every thermostat
    • One relay for every 20 amp circuit in your electrical panel used for heating
  • Relay

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  • Transformer

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Additional information

Indoor remote sensor

Include sensor / $30, Don't include / $0


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