SolaRay heater

SolaRay heater




Features & Benefits:

  • 1/2″ “thin”, the lowest profile in the industry
  • Now 50% – 60% lighter than the previous-generation panel
  • Mounts flat against ceiling or can be suspended
  • Pays for itself in energy savings and requires no maintenance
  • Hard wired 120 or 240 volts. NOTE:  Does not plug into a 120-volt electrical outlet.
  • Controlled with hard-wired, wall-mounted line voltage thermostat
  • Available in powder coated white and can be painted with water-based interior paint
  • Designed and manufactured in Washington state
  • 20-year warranty, the longest in the industry
  • Intertek ETL for US and Canadian certified


Sola Ray Heater copy

1) Our selection of thermostats allows you to heat only the rooms that are in use, cutting your energy usage and saving you money.

2) The 1/2″ “thin” panel mount directly to the ceiling, taking up no usable space.

Note on insulation:

It’s important to note that any heating system will perform best when used in a properly insulated space. To learn more about how to insulate and calculate how much you could save by upgrading your insulation click the button below.


SolaRay Heating Panel Specifications:

NOTE: Specifications shown at 240 volts, also available at 120 volts, amperage will double.


Heat Calculator

  • Please fill out the following form to get a general idea of what you need to heat your space.
  • If you are unsure of your insulation, have single-pane windows, or desire a quicker warm-up time, please increase your room or ceiling height to choose the next heater size or higher (i.e. 1000 or 750 watts vs 600 watts).
  • If you’re interested heating a YOGA STUDIO, please use the form on our yoga page.
  • If you’re interested in heating a DECK or Patio, please use the form on our outdoor page.


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Additional information


22.5"x22.5" / 200 watts, 22.5"x22.5" / 250 watts, 22.5"x36" / 300 watts, 22.5"x36" / 375 watts, 22.5"x48" / 400 watts, 22.5"x48" / 500 watts, 22.5"x48" / 600 watts, 22.5"x48" / 750 watts, 22.5"x72" / 600 watts, 22.5"x72" / 750 watts, 22.5"x72" / 1000 watts


120, 208, 240, Contact us for additional voltages


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